Take back
control of your attention.
The idea is so big, it deserves a manifesto.
Learn how you can be a part of the solution.
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In today’s technology-driven world,
A pretend Slack message, interrupting your day. Conveys how interrupted our days are, with digital overload.
Anyone can reach us
A disruptive chat message.
at any time,
A mock disruptive chat message.
Often in automated,
impersonal ways.
Disruptive notification image showing text that reads "Kat, top 10 financial advisor is sending a message about money you can't reject"Disruptive notification that reads: Melissa M, Webinar: how to detect early market signals for a competitive advantageDisruptive notification image showing a message from Boris, reading 'Hello I just wanted to circle back with you'Disruptive fake LinkedIn notification showing Kat replied to your post with 'I really love your approach and would like to connect with you'Disruptive fake calendar notificationDisruptive fake shopping notificationDisruptive, fake calendar notificationdisruptive, fake maps notification messagedisruptive fake email message from Alex
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We are increasingly overwhelmed by the noise
And struggle to focus on
what matters most.
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We believe three things:

You should determine how people can reach you.

an on/off toggle switch graphic

You should decide what your attention is worth - and who benefits.

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Charging unknown senders a small cost leads to better connections.

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