Disrupting Hustle Culture

The Gated Team
December 5, 2022

Episode 07 of Finding Focus (a podcast from Gated) features CMO Melissa Moody sitting down to talk with Unhustle Founder and Cheif Rebel Officer Milena Regos

“Become able to say no - staying narrow and deep with your focus so you can direct your energy and see it grow, and go from there.”

In this episode, you'll hear about: 

  • A different way to live, work, and play (Unhustle) - since a lot of the current hacks are not cutting it
  • How slowing down can be a science-based approach to getting things done. 
  • Techniques for getting into flow state and still being effective

Read on for some of the episode's best takeaways - and a full transcript at the end.

Living a different life

Milena had a 20+ year in marketing and has seen the hustle of everyday life and the way that the ongoing pressure can negatively impact your health and work.  Active leisure time, or deep play, is what we are missing in our lives.  Milena has done a ton of research on this topic and shares quite a bit in our short call. 

“I’ve spent the last 4 years diving deep and working with high-performing teams on how to reclaim our minds and focus and joy and fulfillment at the same time - because what we’re doing is not working.”

Flow state happens more in work, and we’re addicted to it.  

 Flow state means being fully engaged in the activity you’re doing and this adds to your happiness and fulfillment. The paradox of work and leisure is that at work, we’re challenged by goals and more and so it’s actually easier to hit flow state.  This can pose challenges because without that flow state, it can feel worse without it. 

“A lot of really successful people do challenging activities outside of work because it gets them into this flow state that is so rewarding.”

Find a boss that isn’t all work, all the time. 

“If all you do is work… that doesn’t mean you’re very good at what you do.”

We aren’t taught self awareness and awareness of goals in school.

There’s plenty of time for what’s important, but you need the discipline, focus, and commitment to do what matters to you.  It comes back to technology and it tries to steal our attention, but at the end of the day we do have control over our minds.  

“Where you put your focus… that grows.”

Rituals are important.

We are natually likely to lean away from the hard work, the things that we don’t want to do -  so you want to build in rituals to make sure that you keep your priorities and focus. Rituals can also help things be clear for your teams, so that you are more consistent about what your team is working on. 

Try her Sunrise Method

Morning rituals that Milena does until she is clear with her intentions for the day and has a clear mind to do so with success. (Might include journaling, tea, being outside, and more…)

Milena's F.E.D.O.R.A. technique

A technique to clear your head and move into hard tasks with high energy and enthusiasm.  6 components for helping get into flow.  Focus, Enjoyment, Drive, Optimism, Rest & Recovery, Autonomy.  

Focus shouldn’t be about work… but about our day, our life.

We might practice well at work.  But we should be thinking about the bigger picture and that requires a knowledge of your bigger focus - and making sure we spend our time on that focus.  

“The moment we have those multiple tabs, fast-speed internet … our attention is just gone. It’s a question of controlling and bringing that attention back.”

Being mindful is something you can do anytime, anywhere. 

Breath is a big factor in this - just sensing your breath.  Connecting to mindfulness - walking, doing dishes, falling asleep, talking with someone - is not easy but a powerful and simple technique.  For most of us: 43% of our day, we’re in distracted mode… so mindfulness is critical to bring you back to focus. 

“If half of your day, you’re not present or focused… we’re living these pilot lives and on auto-repeat every day.”



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