How Physical Health Impacts Work Life

The Gated Team
December 5, 2022

Episode 05 of Finding Focus (a podcast from Gated) features CMO Melissa Moody sitting down to talk with Spekit Community Manager Zoe Hartsfield

In this episode, you'll hear about: 

  • Why focus is one of the core values at Spekit (and Gated, too!)
  • How managers and their teams work together to stay focused in a wide-open sea of opportunities.  
  • The importance of putting physical health in your life as a priority

Read on for some of the episode's best takeaways - and a full transcript at the end.

Early in your career, there’s not as much necessity to focus - as it’s all about the hustle. 

At early stage companies, there’s a lot more leadership required and strategy becomes much more critical.  Zoe saw the deficit in her ability to do this, and so has been working hard to cultivate prioritization. 

“Wanting to progress in my career and moving into leadership ... means also helping others prioritize.”

Content marketers have a lot on their plates.  

From writing copy, creating messaging, meeting with peers, getting product feedback.  There are so many things in content and community marketing that you could be doing but are you spending your time wisely? 

“I could do a lot of stuff and provide almost no value to the business but be really busy… there’s a difference between being busy and getting work done.”

Physical health is the foundation to productivity and success

Maybe like Zoe, you’ve tried to fit it all in - to a point where you go over and beyond in your work.  And if you don’t make time for feeling physically good, your work and personal life will suffer.  This might include more working out, setting boundaries in social life, and focusing on quality time with the people that matter. 

“It’s been interesting to shift my focus to health, but it’s going to pay off for my work and my relationships.  This is the time to double down and build up some healthy routines.”

Create a routine that works for you

IF you let things happen without planning, it doesn’t craft you into the person you want to be.  Accountability (trainers, coaches) is critical to ensure you follow through on the routine.  Also, don’t try to do everything different all at once - because that’s just hard and never works out. 

“Having a baseline routine is something that can be really good for your health.”

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