How to Clean Your Gmail Inbox

The Gated Team
July 11, 2022

Ever wondered how to be one of those people who have no unread emails? Perhaps you’ve tried inbox zero or building out filters, but it still seems impossible.

If you’re looking for a clean Gmail inbox to clear away unnecessary distractions, we’ve put together some tips. Hopefully these help you spend more time on what’s truly important.

While there are features built into your email interface, like smart filters, we have other ways to block out unwanted noise.

Manage emails reaching you

It may seem like the best way to manage emails is to be careful about giving out your address, it’s sometimes not that simple.

You definitely do not want to “opt in” to marketing communications you’d rather not receive. However, if at least one company gets a hold of your contact information, the emails start flooding your inbox. 

With all of this, we recommend exercising caution when checking boxes during the signup process for a product or service. 

Although this may seem like obvious advice, many people just click yes to everything to get started on a new website. An extra 5 seconds to review what you’re signing up for can save you in the long run.

If you do end up on someone’s mailing list, make sure to flag or unsubscribe immediately.

Other email management tips

If you do want to receive marketing emails, then another popular approach is to create a separate Gmail account. This way, when offers are sent, they don’t get mixed in with all your personal emails.

You can use this dedicated email address for when stores ask if you’d like to sign up to their list for an additional discount. Not only does this solution create a clean Gmail inbox for focusing on messages that matter most, but it also protects your privacy.

Without giving out your personal email address to public parties, the likelihood of hackers breaking in decreases. 

There’s Gated, too

If all this seems like a lot of effort, there’s a new solution. Gated creates a cleaner email experience by keeping unwanted emails from reaching your inbox; they’re kept aside in a separate place unless someone donates to reach your inbox or confirms taht they know you personally.  

Gated puts a price on unsolicited emails, making it harder for the automated, unsolicited emails (that are only increasing) to get to you and distract you from what really matters - to you and your business.