How to Stand Out In Your Prospect's Email Inbox by Respecting Their Time

The Gated Team
November 30, 2022

Think about the best sales conversations you've sent and the level of mutual respect they included. It's a no brainer: Executives reply at much higher rates when they have confidence a salesperson will be respectful of their time.

The problem? Today, work inboxes are flooded with too much inbound email from marketers who don’t research, target appropriately, or write quality content. U.S. executives get an average of 87 emails every work day - even after automatic spam filters are applied.

Gated was built to help people who use email focus on the messages that matters most ... and that includes valuable cold inbound email. In fact, 77% of professionals believe cold email is useful for learning about interesting or relevant opportunities

So how can Gated help responsible sellers stand out from the noise?  

Based on conversations with top sales leaders and people who use Gated, we developed a set of Best Practices for Sales Emails.   This simple list is a first step towards helping sales reps who respect their prospects differentiate themselves from the rest of the untargeted, spray-and-pray noise.  

These best practices for ethical, responsible selling have been endorsed by organizations including:  Sales Assembly, RevGenius, .GTMFund, Pavilion, #samsales, Sendoso

If you are a seller who agrees with and follows these best practices, you can choose to include them in your email footer. It works as a legal alternative to the standard old opt-out language.  

Below, you can see one way that other sales people are using this in their footer. However, we'd love to see you use it in a personal, creative way.

Have feedback or want to share how it's working for you?  Our CEO is a former sales and RevOps leader who has worked closely with SDR teams his entire career and he would love to hear from you. Drop him a note at or fill out this form.


I follow Gated’s Best Practices for Sales Email:

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