How to Unsubscribe from Emails

The Gated Team
December 1, 2022

Whether or not you meant to sign up originally, you’re sure receiving a lot of marketing emails now. You’ve tried to unsubscribe in the past, but they seem to keep popping up. We’ve been there, too. 

To make the problem worse, companies have made it more difficult to unsubscribe. Sometimes doing so requires logging into your account. At other times, the link and actions to unsubscribe are hidden or difficult to find. 

These companies hope you give up and stay on their mailing list. At the very least, they’re waiting to see when you click unsubscribe; because that click means that you’re a human on the end of the line.  

We’re here to help you tackle the problem with a few tips and tricks. 

Most popular email unsubscribe tools

Tools like, Unlistr,, and Leave Me Alone have been created for the purpose of getting yourself free from unwanted emails. Using a third party tool is likely a safer way to go than manually clicking ‘unsubscribe’ yourself, butt sometimes these solutions aren’t completely effective.

When a bulk email unsubscribe platform tries to remove you from a mailing list, they may not actually remove you. Like mentioned above, you often need to login and manually unselect the emails that you’d like to receive (or not) from a company.

These tools aren’t perfect but can reduce the amount of emails you receive.

Be careful when you unsubscribe

As mentioned in our article, “Stop Unsubscribing to Emails!” [], third-party unsubscribe tools may create more chaos. Here’s why.  When registering with a service, you’ll provide your email address. In doing so, you’re potentially opening the floodgates to additional messages.

Also, since some companies really want to keep you on their newsletter and collect data, they can use the “unsubscribe” button for these purposes.  

Proceed with caution when connecting your email to any external service/unsubscribing. 

Better inbox management with Gated

The big problem for you is that unwanted emails are distracting.  So what matters most is keeping unwanted emails from reaching your inbox in the first place. Gated adds a layer or protection that lets you choose which messages you want to get through - or not. 

You can still see the newsletters that are of interest, when you want to.  However, they’re not taking up your valuable focus time.  Plus, if a company or individual is not on your Allow List, they’ll be challenged to make a donation to your nonprofit of choice  in order to reach you.  

Adding a marginal cost to reach your inbox will make any marketing department think twice before sending emails. Gated’s approach solves the email unsubscribe problem from a whole new angle - helping you better manage your inbox. 

Published April 2022

Updated December 2022