Our New Team Member: Gary

The Gated Team
April 4, 2022

When you’re at a fast-moving startup, it’s critical to take the time to focus on culture and building a fun (sometimes goofy) spirit on the team.  With that in mind, our Founders Andy Mowat and Melissa Moody decided that it was time for a new addition to the team…

Meet our newest Gated team member:  Gary the Gator! 

Here’s Gary on the day we first picked him out, in Andy’s hands!

You could call him a 'pet', but he prefers ‘mascot’.  He’s quite serious at times, but he keeps us all smiling – an invaluable asset in a new team member, right? 

When we first met Little Gary, we had to pick him out from a wide “pool” of candidates!  They were all making cute little baby gator noises - which you can hear an example of here if you haven't heard before.

Seriously, you bought an alligator?! 

Getting a cute little gecko worked out for Geico, right?  We are really excited about this little guy (let’s hope he stays that way!) and how he’ll bring our team together and help embody our core values as a company

CURIOUS: We’re already learning a lot more about American Alligators and how to care for them in captivity.  Did you know they love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!?

CONNECTED: Gary’s already inspired us to do a weekly meeting in which we just sit around together and watch him have his daily afternoon snack.  It’s some serious remote bonding time.  

FOCUSED:  Our new mascot reminds us that if we stay focused as a team on making email better for everyone - our impact with grow, just as much as he will. 

Here he is in his new tank.  He’ll stay with different team members, at different times of the year, until he’s bigger! 

Want to win a chance to meet him “in person”!? 

We’re excited that you’ve stuck around to this point.  However, to be honest, if you’re still reading… we have to tell you that this is entirely an April Fool’s Joke.  In no way would we ever condone owning a wild creature, feeding it PB&Js, or manipulating our corporate vision to be a metaphor for his expected rapid growth.  But we hope we fooled you for at least a minute or two.  Have a wonderful April 1st, 2022! 

Where can I learn more about American Alligators?

We love that you enjoyed meeting Gary!   You can learn more about these incredible wild creatures on The Nature Conservancy website

Once endangered due to persistent poaching, American Alligators have seen a comeback and over one million of them now live in the wild.  The Nature Conservancy is helping to further protect these incredible reptiles by conserving and restoring the wetland habitats on which alligators depend.