Why Email Marketers and Sellers Love Gated

Andy Mowat
October 5, 2022

We built Gated for people who get too much irrelevant email.  But Gated is making email better for everyone - even people who send email.  

That’s right.  Even the people who now have to pay to reach inboxes through Gated… are big fans. 

Senders are seeing value in their emails getting Gated.

Surprise quickly turns to delight

Initially, sellers or email marketers are surprised by Gated.  They might be curious or even angry when they first get a Challenge email that says “donate to reach the user’s inbox.”  But most senders quickly realize the benefit Gated can have for them: the solution eliminates low-quality email.  

With Gated, good emails stand out.  Potential customers finally have time to read cold outreach. In fact, Gated users reply to emails more than 50% of the time. (In comparison to average reply rates of <2%, without Gated.)

Once senders understand the potential of what Gated can do for them, they ask: “How can more people get Gated?!”

Account Executive at Gong, Sarah Brazier, is 100% focused on communicating value to her customers.

Be forward-thinking

Paying to send email is definitely different.  It’s not something we’re used to.  

You might even compare it to staying in a stranger’s house around the time that Airbnb was starting up.  Or getting in a stranger’s car, when Uber was a new idea. 

Remember when you first talked with your friends about how revolutionary Airbnb and Uber were?  You can be on the leading edge of a new category again, when you share your Gated experience with others.

The images above and below give you an idea of what sales leaders are saying about the future of email.  It’s time to share your thoughts online - and be sure to tag Gated

We’re excited for you to join the conversation.  

Evan Patterson, Head of Content & Community @ trender.ai, is thinking about the future of email marketing

Photo by Christopher Beloch on Unsplash