You Should Decide What Your Attention is Worth - and Who Benefits

Andy Mowat
December 1, 2022

In the face of increasing digital information and inputs, we’re stuck with limited capacity for attention. Physiologically, the conscious mind can only process less than .0005% of the information that is sent to the brain for processing.   

The cost of constantly shifting our attention is well documented.  Every time a new email, slack, phone call, or social media message arrives, you are interrupted.  It may only distract you for a few seconds, but the cost of context-switching is much greater.  An inability to focus your attention leaves you exhausted and unproductive.

So many software tools offer to “save you time.”  

But if all those promises of time savings came true, you would be reading this from a beach, drink in hand, at 2:00 in the afternoon.  

We believe what you really need (and deserve) is control over your attention.

By clearing your inbox of email from people you don’t know (or haven’t allowed), Gated helps you focus on the messages that matter most - to you and your business.  We believe that you should decide the price of your attention by:

  • Setting a price for unknown senders who want to interrupt you
  • Setting different prices for different types of messages

LinkedIn InMail has proven that marketers pay to reach new prospects they aren’t connected to.  However, LinkedIn hasn’t given power to their users to:

  • Adjust the price of their attention — It costs the same to everyone
  • Benefit from senders who want to reach them 

Gated allows every user to choose who benefits from their attention.  Today, Gated sends more than 70% of every donation to the nonprofit a user has personally chosen. 
“You should decide what your attention is worth - and who benefits” is just one part of our Gated Manifesto. Read more to learn how you can transform your attention into value for the world.

Published September 2021

Updated December 2022