Why Email is the Best Form of Communication and Here to Stay

Andy Mowat
December 27, 2022

Everyone loves to criticize email

Let’s face it. Even though we depend on it and couldn’t imagine life without it, we all complain fairly regularly about the faults of email. Countless articles exist, predicting the imminent demise of email, including reasons such as:
1) It is overwhelmed with spam.
2) It seems to control our day rather than enable us to get work done.
3) Alternative communication tools like Slack and Asana are constantly touted as "email killers."
.… Insert your email pain here.

But email remains the best form of communication

When you compare all communication channels, it’s clear that email remains a unique and valuable tool for our society and economy. Consider the following chart that shows the benefits of email in clear contrast to the limitations of platforms like social networks, Slack, or text:

Table showing why email is more effective than Slack, phone calls, text, and social networks.
The rumors of email's death have been greatly exaggerated...

It’s precisely because of the broad applicability of email that many organizations and software platforms use email as the foundation of their customer identity and communication. Unlike social networks which, by their nature, focus us inward on people more like us, email allows anyone to email anyone else. Particularly in these challenging times, the democratic and global nature of email is even more valuable.

That's why we at Gated believe in the power of email. We are invested in improving email so it endures and thrives.

Originally published: November 27, 2020