You Should Decide What's Important, Regardless of Platform

The Gated Team
May 10, 2023

The following is an explanation and exploration of the third part of Gated's manifesto.

It seems like, every day, a new social or community platform is popping up, each with its own rules and structure. 


  • LinkedIn is booming - with confusing delineation between followers, connections, and “other.”
  • Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Discord, and others each have their own distinctive rules about who can message whom 
  • Other platforms rise (and fall) in rapid succession (Clubhouse, Snapchat, Mastodon…)
  • WhatsApp, Slack, and others are built on complex group and thread structures with specific limitations

Although valuable opportunities can come from anywhere, many of these platforms manufacture barriers that keep you from being available to serendipitous opportunity. On some platforms, it’s because you need to be connected to someone in order to hear from them.  In other cases, it’s because the DMs are such a hot mess that you avoid participating in that channel altogether. 

Each of these platforms has created a structure around who you can and can’t hear from, based on their own rules, in an effort to keep things relevant.  But that means it’s become very difficult to build a public presence that is both open to any opportunity - and yet not overrun by every opportunity. 

To live in today’s connected modern world, we believe you need a solution that lets you show up and present for what you care about - to anyone, anywhere - without a fear of being overwhelmed.   

A solution that: 

  • Allows you to define what’s important to you
  • Is easy to keep consistent anywhere you’re building your presence
  • Works as a centralized way to evaluate what’s worth your time, unbiased by platform
  • Gives you the power to decide what channel you reply in - whatever works best for you

Only then will the importance of a message be determined by its value - rather than the manufactured standards of a given platform, like LinkedIn, Twitter, or others. 

Your priorities and focus areas are a part of you, not the platform you show up on.  

Interested to learn more?  Check out the rest of our manifesto - and follow our journey on LinkedIn.