You get too much irrelevant email.

One of your colleagues likes you a lot. You've been personally invited to try out a new solution that others at your company are using to reduce inbox noise and increase social impact.

Gated challenges unknown senders to donate to a nonprofit of your choice, in order to reach you. This means you can finally focus on the messages that matter most to you and your business.

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how does gated help?

Users are loving Gated.

"Gated turned my inbox from a crowded General Admission ticket at Coachella to a less noisy, VIP experience. The emails hitting my inbox are the ones I'm actually going to read and respond to."

Jeff Ignacio
Save the Waves

"Today, email is a "before Gated" and "after Gated" experience. I have a clear inbox again and I love seeing cold outreach turn into donations. Setup and maintenance are nothing, it's just a filter supplying bandwidth. I wish I had this 5 years ago."

Sean Wendt
Environmental Defense Fund

"Gated has given me what all the smarts of Gmail tabs never could - the ability to sort incoming emails by expected vs. unexpected. I no longer let unexpected emails rule my time in any way."

Rex Biberston
Big Brothers Big Sisters

"Gated saved my inbox. It felt like a never ending stream of emails, regardless of relevance. I'm now more productive, respond to emails faster, and even have the time to read a lot of that cold outreach. Everyone needs Gated."

Megan Boone
The Nature Conservancy

"With Slack for internal comms and the overwhelming amount of inbound email, I had declared email bankruptcy. Gated dramatically reduced inbound email volume to the most important messages and allowed me to love my inbox again."

JD Peterson
Cozy Coats for Kids

"Gated has made a huge impact on my productivity! I can now focus on important emails in my inbox and save countless hours that I used to spend sifting through spam and unwanted emails. Gated is a must have tool!"

Kris Rudeegraap
Environmental Defense Fund

“After years of unsubscribing from emails, Gated has allowed me to finally take control of my inbox. After a few days of managing my inbox with Gated, I never want to go back.”

Dan Ahmadi
The American Red Cross