Action Required to Reach USER_NAME's Inbox

You received this "Challenge Email" because you don't know USER_NAME. If you do know them personally, click here instead.

Gated helps people focus on emails that matter most, from people they know and those who donate to their chosen charity.

By donating to CHARITY_NAME your email will be instantly routed to USER_NAME's inbox.

A postage stamp illustration, as Gated is like a postage stamp for email.

Minimum donation to reach inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I receive this Challenge Email?

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Gated sends a Challenge Email to any sender that isn't on the Gated user's Allow List. You can be on the Allow List if the Gated user has approved your domain, sent you an email previously or added you manually.

What happens when I click "Donate Now"

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You can then enter your credit card or PayPal information securely.  Once you complete your payment your email will immediately be routed to the Gated User's inbox. If it is relevant to them and they reply, your email will be added to their Gated Allow List so you won't receive future "challenge emails" from them.

Does the size of my donation affect whether I get a response?

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Response rates to emails via Gated are higher because Gated users' inboxes only have high value email from those they know (or those like you who donate). The Gated user is immediately notified of the amount of your donation and larger donations definitely make an impact. While we don't guarantee a response, the Gated user will definitely see your email.