A big name means a

ton of email.

In an increasingly noisy digital world, it's hard to be accessible for your fans without being overwhelmed. Gated is a free, easy, and secure solution that reduces inbox noise and benefits your chosen cause.

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in inbox volume
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distracting emails
avoided every week

Gated gives me PEACE of MIND. Ahhhh email zen is fantastic!

Jonny Imerman
The Pink Fund
Supported Nonprofit

I'm able to focus on what matters the most, all the while helping a cause I care about.

Romain Lapeyre
Cofounder & CEO @
The Nature Conservancy
Supported Nonprofit

Making a donation in exchange for the attention of a decision maker is a no-brainer.

Gaetano DiNardi
VP Growth @
Save the Children
Supported Nonprofit

I didn't realize how much time I was wasting every day deleting and archiving cold emails.

Taylor Smith
The Sierra Club
Supported Nonprofit

My role is to lead, and I cannot lead with so much 'noise' in my inbox.

Jeanne Hopkins
Chief Revenue Officer @
Save the Waves
Supported Nonprofit

I used to get tons of marketing emails and sales pitches in my inbox everyday. Gated FINALLY solved this problem for me!

Amanda Zhu
Co-founder @
Perfect Recall
Feed the Children
Supported Nonprofit

Gated ensures I have time to get things I want done and helps ensure people who send us their business plans get the quickest response possible.

Charles Hudson
Managing Partner @
Precursor Ventures
The San Francisco - Marin Food Bank
Supported Nonprofit

I recently moved into a senior leadership position and my inbox absolutely exploded. It wouldn't be possible for me to maintain 'inbox zero' without Gated.

Frank Devine
Sr. Director of Rev Ops @
World Bicycle Relief
Supported Nonprofit

I sincerely regret procrastinating signing up. No one should raise a round without Gated.

James Winter
VP Marketing @
Feed the Children
Supported Nonprofit

"Gated has made a huge impact on my productivity! I save countless hours that I used to spend sifting through unwanted emails."

Kris Rudeegraap
Environmental Defense Fund
Supported Nonprofit

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