Turn unsolicited email into charitable donations.

Since launch in April 2022, people have shared their cause 1 million+ times and generated more than 5K+ donations.   Gated is the free and easy way to amplify your nonprofit's impact.

Featured Nonprofits

Making a difference for people and NPOs

Folks that really want to get my attention can help support a cause I care about. Everybody wins!

John Peña
Autism Society of America
Supported Nonprofit

I went from spending 30min+ a day sifting through junk to 0 mins. Even better? I was able to support a cause I care about.

Claire Coder
Founder & CEO @
Aunt Flow
Supported Nonprofit

My inbox is more clear and I'm getting donations for 'Save the Children' - what else could I ask for!?

Kevin Yoon
Growth Manager @
Save the Children
Supported Nonprofit

I came for the mission and stayed for the productivity - Now I use Gated for both.

Ilan Fisher
PR and Communications Manager @
Alzheimer's Association
Supported Nonprofit

My inbox load has radically reduced and it has helped to support a very worthy cause.

Geoffrey Smith
Doctors Without Borders
Supported Nonprofit

Gated has helped me reduce the number of cold emails I get while allowing me to direct them to a cause I support. Automatic email + people filtering system!

Ashwath Narayanan
Environmental Defense Fund
Supported Nonprofit

I'm now genuinely a happier person every time I open my email.

Faris Sheikh
Growth Marketing Manager @
American Cancer Society
Supported Nonprofit

With Gated, I now have full control over the senders allowed into my inbox - and support a charity I'm passionate about!

Kelly Javanmardi
Director of Demand Gen @
The Nature Conservancy
Supported Nonprofit

Gated reduces the noise in my inbox while also sharing an important veterans cause I am involved with: Catch a Lift Fund.

Jim Rallo
Catch a Lift Fund
Supported Nonprofit

Gated gives me autonomy over my inbox and the power to make lasting, positive impact with my chosen nonprofit.

Rea Ross
Brand and Community Marketing Specialist @
Operation Underground Railroad
Supported Nonprofit

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How Gated Works

You get too much email. It's hard to see important messages in your cluttered inbox.
Your personal gate asks anyone you don't know to make a donation in order to reach you.
So your inbox only holds emails from  people you know - and those who give to your favorite cause.
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Amplify your nonprofit's impact.