Support your favorite cause when you use email.

When senders pay to reach your inbox, nonprofits win big.

Gated users support 75+ different organizations including: Doctors without Borders, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Wounded Warrior, World Central Kitchen, The Nature Conservancy, and more.

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People who use Gated support nonprofits including

How Gated helps

Engage existing supporters
People who love your organization can show their support on a daily basis, as they use email. When a Gated user selects your nonprofit, they are clearly saying: "This is a cause that matters to me."

Grow your brand
The average Gated user sends ~100 challenge emails per month — each one featuring your organization’s name and mission.

Increase recurring donations  
The dollars add up when senders pay to reach Gated users. The average sender payment is $3.50 and 70% of every payment goes to a user’s chosen nonprofit.

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Featured Nonprofit

Selected quarterly by Gated users, Advisors, and fans

Doctors Without Borders (Médécins sans Frontieres) delivers emergency medical aid to people in crisis, with humanitarian projects in more than 70 countries.

As the war in Ukraine escalates, MSF teams are responding to the deepening humanitarian crisis.

Here's what nonprofit leaders ask:

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Does it cost my nonprofit anything?
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You don’t have to pay anything to get the benefits of Gated.  If you want to discuss other no-cost ways to partner with us, contact our Head of Marketing — [email protected]
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How can a charity be featured on Gated?
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Gated users get to pick their own nonprofits. Users can select an organization that is already in our database - or request a new one be added.
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Still have questions? See our FAQ.