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As an investor, there are a lot of people trying to get a piece of your attention. Finally, there's a free and easy way to reduce the noise in your inbox, see the emails that matter most to your business, and benefit a cause you love.

Meet Gated User: 

Charles Hudson

Managing Partner @ Precursor Ventures
The San Francisco - Marin Food Bank

"Gated ensures I have time to get things I want done and helps ensure people who send us their business plans get the quickest response possible."

How Gated Helps 


reduction in inbox volume
distracting emails
avoided every week

Gated protects me from valueless spray-and-pray outreach, while making it easier for sales folks who put in the work to connect and create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Alex Bailey
Co-founder @ B5 Capital
The American Red Cross

Gated helps me focus on what's important and makes email much more manageable.

Mark Bailey
Cofounder & CEO @ B5 Capital
Doctors Without Borders

"Gated has allowed me to stay focused on the tasks at hand, rather than being disrupted by unwanted emails. I love it."

Alek Koenig
CEO @ Settle
The American Red Cross

"It was a breeze to setup and I’ll never go back to an inbox without it."

Roy Raanani
Co-Founder @
The Lincoln Project

"Gated has completely changed my relationship with e-mail. Now that I have it activated, I can't imagine ever going back."

Eric Bahn
General Partner @ Hustle Fund
The American Red Cross

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