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Sign on with your Google account to activate Gated in your existing inbox - with any email client you use.

Use Gated across all of your email accounts. Turn Gated on once, use it forever.

Activate your Allow List

Gated automatically builds your Allow List in minutes, based on who you have communicated with. As you use email, Gated continues to learn from your actions — so people and domains you trust can reach you.

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Challenge unknown senders

Unknown senders automatically receive a Challenge Email asking them to donate to the nonprofit of your choice to reach you.

When someone donates, their message is delivered to your inbox and clearly marked.

Support a cause

You pick the nonprofit that benefits when senders pay to reach you.  

Easily update your choice at any time.

How Gated helps nonprofits

Customize your

Log in to the Gated site to update your allowed sender list, set the price to reach you, select a nonprofit, and customize your challenge email.

Get personalized insights into how you use email.

Stay secure

By logging in to Gated through your email provider, your account is always in your control.

You're the only one who reads your email — Gated never looks at the content of your messages.

Gated’s security policy