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Sean Wendt
Head of Revenue Operations & Enablement @ Postscript
Environmental Defense Fund

"Today, email is a "before Gated" and "after Gated" experience. I have a clear inbox again and I love seeing cold outreach turn into donations. Setup and maintenance are nothing, it's just a filter supplying bandwidth. I wish I had this 5 years ago."


of new emails diverted from inbox

Jeff Ignacio
Sales Operations Lead @ Amazon AWS
Save the Waves

"Gated turned my inbox from a crowded General Admission ticket at Coachella to a less noisy, VIP experience. The emails hitting my inbox are the ones I'm actually going to read and respond to."


emails diverted from inbox

Deepti Pradeep
Product Growth @ Adobe
Save the Children

"Gated is like Home Edit for your inbox. Trusted, efficient and makes your inbox look beautiful! I finally feel in control of my inbox again."


of new emails diverted from inbox

David Zwerin
Senior Director of Sales Operations @ Iterable
Environmental Defense Fund

"The clutter that has been removed highlights what's important in my inbox. My morning ritual has gone from scroll and visual filter, to an overhauled inbox spring cleaning!"


of new emails diverted from inbox

Aaron Leeder
Partnerships at Revenue Collective
Habitat for Humanity

"Waking up to a cleaner inbox is one level. Having unwanted emails tucked aside throughout the day has unlocked time that I didn't realize I was losing. I was amazed how Gated methodically learned from my email work habits. Game changer!"


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