Focus on the emails that matter most.

Gated challenges unknown senders to donate to charity in order to reach you - so everything in your inbox is worth your attention.

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The average email user gets
~800 messages each week.

But with Gated...

Less unwanted email means
you’re free to be more...

Alek Koenig
CEO @ Settle
"I get a lot of emails each day, and Gated has allowed me to stay focused on the tasks at hand rather than being disrupted by unwanted emails. I love it."
Kris Rudeegraap
CEO @ Sendoso
"Gated has made a huge impact on my productivity! I can now focus on important emails in my inbox and save countless hours that I used to spend sifting through spam and unwanted emails. Gated is a must have tool!"
Megan Boone
Director of Demand Generation @Thought Spot Megan Boone
"Gated saved my inbox. It felt like a never ending stream of emails, regardless of relevance. I'm now more productive, respond to emails faster, and even have the time to read a lot of that cold outreach. Everyone needs Gated.”
Jeff Ignacio
Sales Operations Lead @ Amazon AWS
"Gated turned my inbox from a crowded General Admission ticket at Coachella to a less noisy, VIP experience. The emails hitting my inbox are the ones I'm actually going to read and respond to."
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See the emails that
matter to you.

In a chaotic inbox, it’s easy to miss something.  Gated reduces the clutter and creates a path for valuable messages to stand out.

How Gated works

Make a difference,
when you use email.

Unknown senders donate in order to reach you.  But you’re the one who picks which cause benefits.  Which nonprofit will you choose to support?

How Gated helps nonprofits

Own your attention.

In a world of increasing noise, Gated is giving users back control over their own attention. Email is where our journey begins.

The Gated Manifesto

Frequently asked questions

How does Gated determine which emails reach my inbox?
We route emails to your inbox that  come from individual addresses or domains on your list of allowed senders OR from unknown senders who make a donation.
Is Gated really free for users?
Totally! Gated is free for all users. Our operations are supported by a portion of the payments made by unknown senders.
Which causes does Gated benefit?
You can select any charitable organization that is meaningful to you - or pick one from of a list of recommendations.
More questions?  
See our FAQ for answers.