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You received a Challenge Email because you sent from an address that USER_NAME hadn't previously communicated with or approved.

But, since you know each other personally (or they are expecting your email) just click the button above.

If you don't know the user personally, click here to donate to USER_NAME's charity to reach their inbox.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I get this "Challenge Email"?

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Gated sends a Challenge Email to any sender that isn't on the Gated user's Allow List. You can be on the Allow List if the Gated user has approved your domain, sent you an email previously or added you manually.

If I don't know the user personally, but I say I do, what happens?

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Please only use the “If you know me personally...” option if you a) have an established relationship with the user or b) the user has asked you to send them an email.  If a user reports abuse of this option, your email (and for repeated violations your domain) will be suspended from receiving "Challenge Emails" from all Gated users

What happens after I click "Deliver my email"?

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Your email will immediately be delivered to the Gated user's inbox and you will be added to their Allow List so you won't receive a Challenge Email in the future.