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The noise in email today is deafening. Buyers are tuning out and reply rates are dropping.

Gated helps thoughtful sellers and marketers stand out. When you donate to reach a Gated user, the average reply rate is 50-60%.

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"At first I was taken aback that I had to make a donation to get my email across. Then I realized it means that my email would be taken more seriously and be read. So I took more time writing it and, as expected, I got a reply."

William Schaffer
Solutions Associate @ Wistia

"I was able to reach the intended person I was trying to contact, without going to the spam filter. I created more targeted messaging because I knew the person would actually receive my email."

Erin Boetzer
Account Development Representative @ Sisense

"I was very happy to know Gated would help my chances of targeting a SPECIFIC person - it was a highly personalized pitch!"

Meg Bumpers
Business Development Representative @ CHEQ

"At first, I was livid. As a former SDR, why would I want Gated to exist? Then, reality hit me. There's a lot noise SDRs have to cut through. Through Gated, I'll stand out as a bigger fish in a smaller pond. As a result, I know my reply will go up and the quality of my content will matter more. Gated means more opportunity, but also better relationships."

Evan Patterson
Content & Community Evangelist @ Troops

"Gated weeds out unsolicited messages and tells others about the charities I support. When senders donate to those charities, I answer their emails and we begin from a state of win-win."

Ralph Barsi
VP Global Inside Sales at

"Gated separates solicitations from sales messages that bring value. If a salesperson takes action to provide value in the customer relationship before making an ask, the salesperson is already winning the battle for attention in a busy user's inbox."

Josh Roth
Sr Director. Inside Sales @ Lob

"As a seller, I wish all my prospects had Gated. It helps filter out the auto-sequenced emails and lets the true personal touches get through. Better experience for buyers and sellers, all around."

Edan Golomb
Enterprise Account Executive @ Reprise

A postage stamp for email

If mail were free, our front steps would be littered with envelopes and packages.  That’s what happens in email today.

A small charge to deliver an email from an unknown sender incentivizes higher-quality, relevant email at scale.

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Improving email,
for everyone

At Gated, we believe a small cost for email creates better connections - for both email users and senders. Hundreds of people agree.  Do you?

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Frequently asked questions

How does it work when I pay to deliver my message?
When you pay, Gated moves your email to the user's inbox and alerts them to the donation.  Users can then choose to reply. Average reply rate is 50-60%.
What if I know the user?  Do I still need to pay?
If the Gated user knows you, there is an option to skip making a payment.  But, be honest — if the user says they don't really know you, you may be suspended from receiving future challenge emails.
Still have questions? See our FAQ.