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Gated is the easy, free way to reduce unsolicited email and support a nonprofit you love.

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How it works

Emails from people you don't know skip your inbox and go to your Gated folder.

  • See those messages anytime - or not at all
  • Works in your existing inbox (nothing to download)
  • ~43% reduction in inbox volume, on average

Your Allow List is created automatically from people you know

  • Simply drag and drop to update the list of people who can reach you
  • Allow any domain you trust

People you don't know can donate to your Chosen Nonprofit in order to reach you.

  • Anyone that's not on your Allow List will get an automatic reply that gives them a choice to donate
  • If they know you personally, they can bypass the donation

You choose the nonprofit, donation amount, and text of this custom, automated message

Gated ensures every email in your inbox is from people you know - or those who value your attention.

Before Gated, my inbox felt like a game of whack-a-mole. Now, the (far fewer) messages in my inbox actually matter and nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Jenn Steele, CEO of Kissmetrics


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