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for everyone.

The solution is unique.  The vision is revolutionary. The team is fully remote.

If you’re looking to make a difference - for email users and the world at large - we’d love to talk with you.

Current Open Roles
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What makes working at Gated special?

Social Impact

We’re solving one of the big problems of the workplace (the tyranny of the inbox) and building a product that helps people focus on what matters most to them... all while supporting nonprofits!


We have market fit,  vocal product advocates, and compelling monetization.  We’ve also got the backing of incredible investors - including some of the top CEOs and technical leaders in the world. (We’ll share a list as part of the interview process.)


The Gated team is both passionate and experienced.  Our CEO has led growth at three $1B companies.  Our Head of Marketing worked at Google with some of the world’s largest brands.  Our Head of Engineering has 20 years of experience across architecture, product, and strategy.  Plus, you’ll be able to tap into our extraordinary network of advisors, investors, and advocates.

We're currently hiring for these open roles:

Company Values


We enjoy asking questions and exploring idea.  Instead of just sticking with the status quo or working top-down, our team makes space to investigate ideas and explore the 'why' behind our decisions.  We value both quantitative and qualitative analysis in the discovery and testing of our hypotheses.


We prioritize cross-functional collaboration.  Instead of a siloed approach, we work in a project-focused way that involves multiple functions. We strive to build effective connections in our fully remote work environment. We amplify the work of our teammates.


We cherish the ability to focus on what really matters - to individuals and the business.  Instead of a "GSD" approach, we find alignment on shared goals at the company and team level.  Once decisions are made, we align to execute at a world-class level and consistently operate with transparency, to minimize confusion and ignorance.

In the fall of 2021, we shared our vision for how to take control of your attention in an increasingly noisy world. Hundreds of people have signed in agreement. Will you?

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