We help humans stay focused in an increasingly noisy digital world.

Our founder Andy was a Go-to-Market executive, bombarded with sales emails. He built Gated’s original email solution to solve the problem for himself - and soon it became the "noise-canceling headphones for email" for everyone.

Today, our mission goes beyond email. The next evolution of Gated is designed to help thought leaders and busy professionals share what they're focused on and unlock impactful conversations - anywhere.

Our Team

Andy Mowat

Founder & CEO

Melissa Moody

Founder & CMO

Allen Hartwig


Our Advisors

Zoe Hartsfield

Head of Marketing @ Swantide

Eric Portugal Welsh

Director of Revenue Operations @ Demostack

Max Altschuler

VP Marketing @ Outreach, Founder @ GTM Fund

Adam Jay

VP Revenue @ Oncue

Jim Kanichirayil

Talent Strategy Transformation @ Circa

Jenn Steele

CEO @ Kissmetrics

Jeanne Hopkins

CRO @ OneScreen.ai

Shaan Chagan

Founder @ Wittier Labs

Adam Goyette

Founder @ Curdis

Yutaro Kojima

Co-Founder @ Galatea Holdings

Anthony Kennada

Working on something new...

Jared Robin

Cofounder @ RevGenius

Eric Nowoslawski

Founder @ GrowthEngineX

Zack Fediay

Founder @ AltGrowth

Karrie Sanderson

CMO @ Typeform

Dylan Conroy

CRO @ The Social Standard

Ben Lewinsky

Jordan Henderson

Dir. RevOps @ The Riverside Company, Vireo

Samuel Sunderaraj

VP GTM @ Falkon

Robin Spencer

Chief Strategy Officer @ Clearbit

Phillip Chow

CEO @ Humanitas Technologies

Dan Grossberg

Revenue Operations @ LeagueApps

Breezy Beaumont

Head of Growth @ Correlated

Brandon Bussey

VP Revenue Operations @ Lucid

Asia Corbett

Sr. Revenue Operations Manager @ Bread

Peter Krivkovich

Founder/COO/CFO @ NextRoll

Scott Cunningham

CoFounder & CEO @ SDGuild

Mark Huber

Head of Brand & Product Marketing @ metadata.io

Eric Wittlake

Category & Product Marketing @ 6sense

Dan O'Leary

Director of Partnerships @ Box

D.K. Smith

President & CEO @ D.K. Smith & Co.

Dan Cmejla

Director, Partnerships & Community @ Chili Piper

Edan Golomb

Product-Led Growth @ Reprise

Aaron Leeder

VP Partnerships & Alliances @ Pavilion

Nelson Gilliat

Author: “The Death of the SDR and the Birth of Buyer-Centric Revenue

Mike Rizzo

Community-Led Founder of MO Pros®

Daniel Murray

Marketing Ops Leader

Josh Roth

Sr. Director, Sales @ Lob

Brad Smith

Co-Founder & CEO @ Sonar

Alex Boyd

Founder @ RevenueZen

Tanner Lacey

Co-Founder @ Spiff

Samantha McKenna

CEO & Founder @ #samsales

Rex Biberston

VP Revenue @ Sweet Fish

Fawad Zakariya

Investor, Advisor & SVP, Self Serve Growth at Neo4j

Kris Rudeegraap

CEO @ Sendoso

Sam Levan

CEO @ MadKudu

Dan Ahmadi

VP Marketing & Demand Gen @ Branch

Leading Investors

More signal, less noise.

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