We’re building a future where you control your attention.

Our founder Andy was a Go-to-Market Executive, bombarded with sales emails. He hacked together Gated to solve the problem for himself - and soon saw how valuable the solution could be for everyone.

Today, the Gated team is working hard to make your inbox - and the world - a better place.  Read more about our vision in the Gated Manifesto.

If you are excited to work on email productivity software that makes a positive impact on society - check out our Open Roles.

Our Team

Andy Mowat

Founder & CEO

Melissa Moody

Founder & CMO

Allen Hartwig


Evan Pope

Head of Customer Success

Agustina Velazco


Scott Sayles


Our Advisors

Eric Portugal Welsh

Director of Revenue Operations @ Demostack

Max Altschuler

VP Marketing @ Outreach, Founder @ GTM Fund

Adam Jay

VP Revenue @ Oncue

Jim Kanichirayil

Talent Strategy Transformation @ Circa

Jenn Steele

CEO @ Kissmetrics

Jeanne Hopkins

CRO @ OneScreen.ai

Shaan Chagan

Founder @ Wittier Labs

Adam Goyette

Founder @ Curdis

Yutaro Kojima

Co-Founder @ Galatea Holdings

Anthony Kennada

Working on something new...

Jared Robin

Cofounder @ RevGenius

Eric Nowoslawski

Founder @ GrowthEngineX

Zack Fediay

Founder @ AltGrowth

Karrie Sanderson

CMO @ Typeform

Dylan Conroy

CRO @ The Social Standard

Ben Lewinsky

Jordan Henderson

Dir. RevOps @ The Riverside Company, Vireo

Samuel Sunderaraj

VP GTM @ Falkon

Robin Spencer

Chief Strategy Officer @ Clearbit

Phillip Chow

CEO @ Humanitas Technologies

Dan Grossberg

Revenue Operations @ LeagueApps

Breezy Beaumont

Head of Growth @ Correlated

Brandon Bussey

VP Revenue Operations @ Lucid

Asia Corbett

Sr. Revenue Operations Manager @ Bread

Peter Krivkovich

Founder/COO/CFO @ NextRoll

Scott Cunningham

CoFounder & CEO @ SDGuild

Mark Huber

Head of Brand & Product Marketing @ metadata.io

Eric Wittlake

Category & Product Marketing @ 6sense

Dan O'Leary

Director of Partnerships @ Box

D.K. Smith

President & CEO @ D.K. Smith & Co.

Dan Cmejla

Director, Partnerships & Community @ Chili Piper

Edan Golomb

Product-Led Growth @ Reprise

Aaron Leeder

VP Partnerships & Alliances @ Pavilion

Nelson Gilliat

Author: “The Death of the SDR and the Birth of Buyer-Centric Revenue

Mike Rizzo

Community-Led Founder of MO Pros®

Daniel Murray

Marketing Ops Leader

Josh Roth

Sr. Director, Sales @ Lob

Brad Smith

Co-Founder & CEO @ Sonar

Alex Boyd

Founder @ RevenueZen

Tanner Lacey

Co-Founder @ Spiff

Samantha McKenna

CEO & Founder @ #samsales

Rex Biberston

VP Revenue @ Sweet Fish

Fawad Zakariya

Investor, Advisor & SVP, Self Serve Growth at Neo4j

Kris Rudeegraap

CEO @ Sendoso

Sam Levan

CEO @ MadKudu

Dan Ahmadi

VP Marketing & Demand Gen @ Branch

Leading Investors

Join us.

Are you excited to help shape a human-first solution for email — and beyond? Email any team member (see above) and we'd love to discuss how you can take part.