Create a More Focused Digital Life

The Gated Team
December 5, 2022

In a single day, you may communicate over Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, iMessage, and more.  It’s truly overwhelming to be active on so many platforms.

We’re either using a few select platforms or all of them - driven by the needs of others, our companies, and our own preference. There's an increasing lack of digital boundaries. Updates from all platforms are creeping into our lives. 

It’s a problem we address head-on in the Gated Manifesto. And we see many other companies striving to make digital communication more personalized and manageable. 

Limiting unsolicited messages

iPhones have focus mode. There’s the ability to set working hours in Google Calendar. Slack allows for muting channels. Dan Ahmadi, VP of International Growth at Branch, touches on this in our “Tools for Focus” video

Perhaps the last stronghold for unsolicited communication is email. Although many providers like Gmail and Outlook include tools for organizing your inbox, there’s very little you can do to stop unwanted emails. 

Gated solves this problem by allowing the user to allow or gate the messages they receive and automatically challenging unsolicited senders to pay to reach the user’s inbox. 

With enhanced control, it becomes exponentially easier to focus on the messages that matter. These solutions are intended to put you back in control of your attention - and your life.

Putting a price on online communication

One of the wonderful things about the internet is the ability to message anyone in the world for free. This level of access facilitates connections that otherwise weren’t possible before. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to marketing and sales, this also means companies can target new customers at a very low cost. While there’s regulations in motion to better restrict this, including Europe’s GDPR, and recent legislation in California, the root of the problem doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. 

With Gated, marketing and sales emails are no longer (practically) free. Sending cold email outreach will increasingly require more deliberate action and thought on the sender’s part. 

The good news? Senders are eager to improve. It seems that everyone is ready for the evolution of email.  

Gated is on a mission to help you stop being overwhelmed by these messages and to create better connections - for everyone. 

Read the Gated Manifesto, signed by hundreds of people, to learn how Gated is reducing digital distraction and building better connections - for everyone.

Author Jacob McPherson is a member of Gated's content team and founder of Cement Media Inc.