Establishing Communication & Expectation Norms

The Gated Team
September 15, 2022

In this episode, Gated CMO Melissa Moody sits down with Drew Brucker - VP of Marketing at Lasso to talk about finding your best self, through habits and prioritization.

“I’m happy to share how I arrived at this 50:50 balance of work and self optimization…”
  • How building a focused personal brand leads to valuable connections
  • Self optimization tips that work for you and how to start small
  • The ways in which having ADHD can prepare you for more success with focus in the long run. 
  • How prioritization can be your easiest pathway to getting focused. 

There’s huge value to be gained from building your personal brand in a focused, clear way on LinkedIn. 

Drew shares his personal approach and outcomes of putting himself out there on LinkedIn and what he observed along the way.  He also shares how the momentum created on LinkedIn seeped into his overall personal improvement.  

“One way to document your journey is to think about how you would get to where you are, if you know what you know now.”

Marketing and self-optimization are both build on a foundation of good habits. 

One of the main tricks Drew discusses is how to start small and simple, in order to get the ball rolling. By starting small with just a morning journaling habit, Drew slowly saw increased success in desirable habits that now include: not looking at his phone in the first hour of the day, getting outside, cold showers, and more.  

“Starting with one small good habit helps get the ball rolling and one of my favorites is starting the day for an hour without my phone.”

Having ADHD means that you already have an awareness of what focus is, why it’s hard… and the need for backup systems. 

Drew has shared online before and does on the episode the fact that he has ADHD and it can cause him to be more easily distracted than the average person.  However, it also means that he’s really aware of this challenge… and so he’s potentially even more prepared than the rest of us to know what it means to focus well, in a digitally distracted world.  Because he’s had to work to focus all his life, Drew knows that he can’t just choose to focus, but rather has to have back up plans in place to help him.  A lot of those plans revolve around removing distractions so it’s overall easier to focus in the first place.  

“I think being able to focus is about 10% action and 90% distraction.”

Discipline and saying ‘no’ are really hard… So prioritization is often an easier pathway to focus.  

Drew’s work on a small team and at an early stage company means there’s always more to do.  While it can be challenging to say no to things or to get swept up in fire drills, the thing that keeps him on track is rabid prioritization.  

“I tell my team: the hardest part about your job and mine is prioritizing the priorities. How can you look at those top needs and get it down to the ‘top of the top.’”

A bit of in-person or in-office time can be a helpful thing. 

Having started his new role at the time he had twins, in the middle of a pandemic, there was a lot of chaos that Drew had to navigate over this past year.  Through that, he came to highly value any time that he could find separation between home and work - which often helped him feel better at both his job as VP Marketing… and his job as Dad. 

“Last year was turbulent and trying to guide a team, while trying to lead, and also being a dad at home was … extremely difficult.”

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Bonus quote: “If the meeting doesn’t have an agenda, I’m out of there.”

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