Establishing Focus Days in a World of Immediate Response

The Gated Team
December 5, 2022

Episode 06 of Finding Focus (a podcast from Gated) features CEO Andy Mowat sitting down to talk with PartnerPortal CEO Eddie Patzch.

“Focus is more than just the tools you use, it’s devotion to a simple topic.”

In this episode, you'll hear about: 

  • How Eddie uses focus days to block out time for deep work and sets expectations clearly
  • Creating a full-team approach and environment to create space for work that is focused and intentional
  • The Eisenhower Matrix

Read on for some of the episode's best takeaways - and a full transcript at the end.

Clearing whole days to focus on one specific topic. 

It’s pretty impossible (especially as CEO) to go through a whole day with a single focus. But Eddie uses focus blocks to get work done when he needs to, blocking off his calendar so he can get into deep work. Also critical? He conveys this clearly to his team and external team. 

“We live in a world where the expectation is that you’ll provide immediate and realtime answers… I used to fall into that. But especially on my focus days, I’ve decided that the priority has to be a focus on the business and not on my email.” 

Get outside. 

Changing location can bring a new mindset.  Eddie even brings a notebook, as opposed to being structured and beholden to his inbox.  Take the “retreat” idea and put yourself in that mindset every other day, even if you’re in a busy city or wintry place.  

Accountability partners can make things happen.  

There are new technologies like Caveday and others, that put you in a room with random partners that bring you into a deadline, competitive setting to drive you to work. But you can also set these among your own peers, as long as someone is holding you to getting things done. 

The off-hours for company leaders

Make sure nights and weekends are not overcome with meetings. But for both Eddie and Andy, they find good time at night when it’s a bit less chaotic.  If you’re getting the big things done at work, you won’t be as worried about not working on those other hours.  

“I do work a bit at night, but it’s usually just preparing for the next day or have a creative idea.  I hold myself back from going deep into things.”  



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