Gating Your LinkedIn Messages

Andy Mowat
December 5, 2022

When people learn about Gated, one of the first things they say is: “I need this for messages on LinkedIn!”

If you have lots of connections, are a buyer of software products/solutions, or are a thought leader... you likely struggle to keep up with the messages in your LinkedIn inbox.  

There is no way to tag messages for later followup (only archive or delete), so if you aren’t constantly responding to messages, you end up missing older messages as new ones arrive.  

Consequently, how many of us have forgotten to reply to LinkedIn messages from important people in our network?

More and more, I see people warning their network not to send them any LinkedIn messages at all, to ensure they don’t miss messages.

Good news! There is a better way.  The LinkedIn Away Message is a hack that has existed since late 2020 but was unknown to most of us.  I recently learned how early Gated adopter Kris Rudeegraap is using this feature: 

With this feature, you can inform your connections that you are overloaded on LinkedIn. Plus, by encouraging them to reroute important messages to your email, you can manage and follow up to those messages as it works best for you. 

Try It Out

The Away Message feature allows you to set an auto-reply, telling senders how to reach you.  Note: It’s only available for LinkedIn Premium users; however, if you are swamped by LinkedIn messages, you are probably already using Premium! 

Here’s how to set it up: 

  • Go into your Messaging inbox on LinkedIn
  • Click the three dots at the top and select ‘Set Away Message’
  • Toggle to turn on Away Message
  • Enter a Start and End date
  • Customize your message (see more ideas below) and click ‘Save’

In Kris’ case, because he is a Gated user, he is not worried about getting too many emails. And the messages that reach him?  They’re going to be worth his time.  Take a look at these other example LinkedIn Away Messages from Gated users:

What are you waiting for?  Stop missing messages because your LinkedIn is flooded. Try this hack to finally take charge, like these other smart folks!