Increasing Email Open Rates

The Gated Team
February 10, 2022

Change how you quantify email success rates

As an email marketer, you’re well aware of the importance of open and click rates for quantifying a campaign’s success. 

According to Outreach, an open rate at or above 27% is considered good for B2C focused campaigns. For B2B campaigns, that open rate is a bit lower at 20.8%.  And Influencer Marketing Hub reports that the average email open rate across industries is 17%.

Regarding the amount of users who actually engage with an email, a B2C response rate of 2.9% is considered a success. Campaign Monitor notes that average click-through rates are higher in general for B2B (3.2%) than for B2C (2.1%). 

What this all means is that sending a high volume of emails is required for a campaign to be successful these days. Active Campaign recommends sending 4-6 emails just for the initial sequence. This number tends to grow as marketers become more aggressive to increase open and click-through rates.

Many companies rationalize this sales flow as “brand awareness” - meaning even if the customer doesn’t open the email, they see the company’s name. However, in some cases, the recipient doesn’t even see the message at all. 

Gated’s innovative approach to email means senders stack up against less competition in customer inboxes and - consequently - see much higher reply rates. In fact, we’ve seen an average reply rate of greater than 50%, for senders who pay to get through Gated. 

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Over 21,000 unread emails

In a recent episode of Gated’s Unlock series, leading executives discuss the statement “You should decide who can reach you.”  In this video, Latané Conant, CMO at 6Sense shared that she has over 21,000 unopened emails, and over 2,000 unread texts.  As a key decision maker, Latané doesn’t have time to check or respond to every message sent. She’s not alone. 

In the video, Latané discusses how current metrics don’t really track recipient sentiment and how mass emails can tarnish a brand. It’s clear that current ways of sending and measuring email performance are not aligned with how users actually engage.

You can read more on this topic, and Latané’s recommendations for today’s shifting marketing landscape, in her  book “No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls” (2020). 

Reducing competition

Rex Bibertson, Director of Sales and Marketing at Opensense (now VP Revenue at Sweet Fish Media) builds on the ideas above by noting that there is nothing to incentivize companies to stop sending emails. He points out that this trend became worse with COVID, as this form of marketing increased - causing recipients to get even more bombarded.

Since Gated puts a marginal cost on email, it requires more deliberate action on the part of senders to reach customers. Ultimately, what this means is that recipients will receive fewer, more relevant messages - resulting in higher open and click through rates. 

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Author Jacob McPherson is a member of Gated's content team and founder of Cement Media Inc.

Photo by Christin Hume via Unsplash.