Remaining Calm While Navigating Chaos

The Gated Team
December 5, 2022

Episode 08 of Finding Focus (a podcast from Gated) features CMO Melissa Moody sitting down to talk with Typeform CMO Karrie Sanderson.

The ecosystem of optimism, trust, and knowing your why is the key to focus.

In this episode, you'll hear about: 

  • The challenges of a CMO role and how to stay unflustered in the face of chaos
  • How to identify the why, which can remain your focus through both proactive and reactive actions you take
  • The power of optimism in cultue and staying focused

Read on for some of the episode's best takeaways - and a full transcript at the end.

The focus should be on the customer. 

A blessing of the marketing role is that you can always turn to your customers for insights and answers. As you do this? It’s critical to remain open-ended and let people tell you their thoughts in their own words.  This also means that it’s critical, as a CMO, to bring together the customer journey across product and marketing and more. 

“When you focus on what’s right for the customer, a lot of the other things sort of fall away and a lot of questions answer themselves.”

Proactive focus is a key component of leadership. 

Inspiration, communication, and showing the why of what is being done is a key role of the CMO.  So setting plans and priorities looking forwards is fundamentally one of Karrie’s strengths.  Always start with the ‘why’ and you won’t go far off track.  

“In most cases, you don’t need to shift your strategy but rather you can deepen or adapt what you are doing.”

How to stay focused, when the world is changing fast. 

You don’t want to be reactive when things occur, but rather to have a plan in place and be able to lean on that plan.  The other piece to this is to be mindful of what you decide to take on and make sure that it’s done in a thoughtful way.  

“Think not  just about the what we do but the why we do something - it's so important… so when reactive things come up, you’ll be ready.”

Optimism is a powerful force for staying calm and focused. 

A positive outlook can help you stay on keel through difficult times, and to not be rattled by changes.   Karrie brings up the approach from Simon Sinek as we discuss this. Giving the ecosystem of optimism, trust, and why is the key to focus. 

“Optimism doesn’t mean unicorns and rainbows, but approaching things with a problem-solving mindset.”


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