Support Your Nonprofit with Gated

The Gated Team
April 17, 2022

At its core, Gated is about making your inbox *yours* again.  You value your own attention and are letting others know: ‘I’m choosing to focus my valuable attention on messages that are of importance to me.’ 

At the same time, when you send a Challenge Email that asks senders to donate to reach you, you’re also saying: ‘Here is a nonprofit cause that matters to me.’  

And when you choose a nonprofit with Gated, it’s a personal choice.  You might support a nonprofit that has meaning for your family - like March of Dimes has for Marketing Agency Founder Gaby Grinberg.  Or an organization that has impact in your local area - like the Marin/SF Food Bank that Charles Hudson supports.  

So what does it look like, when you choose a nonprofit with Gated? 

We’re always improving features (and love suggestions), but here’s how it works today: 

  • As a new user, you’ll start with the Gated Featured Nonprofit as the one you’re supporting.  We select these quarterly - based on historical impact, global scope, and current relevance. 
  • Once you’ve gotten started with Gated, you may log in to your personal Dashboard to browse by category and select from a list of nonprofits that Gated users are already supporting.  
  • If you want to request a nonprofit that’s not available, there’s a simple form to submit your request.  Our team can add most 501(c)3 organizations that are verified on Guidestar and in good financial standing.
Getting social impact right is important to our team.  

We are very lucky to have a few incredible people from the nonprofit sector serving as Gated Advisors.  With backgrounds that span everything from to on-the-ground nonprofit leadership, these folks are upleveling our efforts in the social impact. 

Additionally, we are partnering with to manage the nonprofit aspect of Gated’s business with transparency and accountability.  Have more questions? See more details about how we treat donations on our FAQ page.

What’s the impact I’m making?

We’re just getting started, but the Gated team is exploring how we might quantify individual and aggregate impact for nonprofits in cool ways.  For now, you can see your personal impact when you log into your account Dashboard. 

Remember: For nonprofits, it’s not just about dollars you raise.  It’s about the value of their brand being aligned with yours.  With every Challenge Email sent, you’re saying:  “This cause matters to me” and you’re sharing it with an audience that the nonprofit might have never reached!