Stand out in your prospect’s inbox.

The noise in email today is deafening.  Buyers are tuning out and reply rates are dropping.

Gated helps thoughtful sellers and marketers cut through the noise. When you donate to reach a Gated user, the average reply rate is 46%.

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I wish every email I sent returned a Gated email back to me. It's a golden opportunity to stand out and get a meeting.

Jacob Raggiunti
Senior AE @

Gated helps me separate myself from the noise that clouds decision-maker inboxes.

Drake Dukes

As a seller, my time is my most valuable asset, and if a $2 donation gets me a response to my first message, it's a no-brainer!

Christopher Sheehan
Account Executive @

Earning the recipient's attention AND donating to a cause leaves me feeling less annoying, and more fulfilled!

Giovanni DeMaio
Account Executive @

Auto-replies don't usually get my SDR team excited, but Gated ones do! It's because the SDRs know they're more likely to get a response once they donate.

Dustin Joost
Chief Revenue Officer @

The donation gives you the opportunity to be more thoughtful in the crafting of your message - which makes for a better message

Michael Hamm
Manager, Strategic Accounts @
O'Reilly Media

It’s a win-win. My emails are more likely to land & I get the chance to contribute to a great cause!

Delaney Mulligan
Account Executive @

Gated means our buyers see the message we spent so much time on - while also doing good. No brainer.

Harry Sims
Director of Sales Development @

Using Gated feels more targeted. It humanizes the whole process and you get to donate to really great organizations!

Angelica Dietzel
Co-founder @

We can't just "spray and pray" anymore. If I have to pay for my message to be seen, you can bet I'm going to put effort into making that message valuable for my prospect.

Dan Veres
Sr. AE @

Ridiculously easy to use!

Titus Brisend
Recruiting Manager @

I just want an opportunity to be seen.

Landon Meyer

Gated helps me personalize my email outreach - to ensure my messaging is impactful for the leaders I reach out to.

Gillian Wyatt
Account Executive @

No matter how you spin it unsolicited contact can be an interruption, but Gated cuts through that noise. That means a better experience on both sides of the table AND it adds a little more humanity to the whole process.

Nicholas Samborski
AE @

A mind-blowing tool for thoughtful prospectors and execs tired of getting relentlessly spammed.

Alex Bruschi
Sales @

As a salesperson, we often get a bad rap for sending email. I love the idea of donating to get access. Win Win!

Ryan Iacoviello
Sr. Account Executive @

I love knowing that the people I connect with are kind-hearted and have found a fun, effective way to give back to the organizations that they're most passionate about!

Rachel Pereboom
Business Development @

Gated lets me break through the noise and speak to prospective buyers while avoiding being labeled as "spam."

Nate Roybal
Sales @

Getting through Gated shows our intended receiver the sincerity behind our message and the fact that we mean business.

Eric Nowoslawski
Founder @
Blitz Hacking

The platform was super easy to use and boosts my chance of getting emails through to prospects.

Kairo Dilla

We, as sales people, are accustomed to not hearing back from people on outreach. To get a response that ties in a charitable component is something that I'll never forget.

Greg Morrissey
Business Development Manager @
Chicago Bulls

It's truly a win-win company and I look forward to more opportunities to donate - and connect with recipients in a meaningful way.

Cherish Grimm
Vice President @
Influence & Co.

"Gated helped my email stand out from the crowd and showed that I really wanted the recipient to see my message - which is so helpful, as a recruiter."

Liam Naughton
Client Partner @
Candidate Labs

"I love a good challenge and in my opinion, it’s a win-win situation. I get to donate to a good cause - and I also get a chance to stand out in some of my top prospects inboxes."

Hayley Belford
Client Development Representative @

"Gated allows me to cut through the noise and ensure my prospect reads my email, all while contributing to a good cause. It’s an absolute game changer!"

Ranjay Matharu

"Gated has helped me break through the noise and connect with prospects while also contributing to a good cause!"

Rees Bayba
AE @

"When I first came across Gated, I was sold right away on the concept. You support a great cause and increase the chances of your email being seen."

Tom Slocum
Community Manager @

"At first I was taken aback that I had to make a donation to get my email across. Then I realized it means that my email would be taken more seriously and be read. So I took more time writing it and, as expected, I got a reply."

William Schaffer
Solutions Associate @

"I was able to reach the intended person I was trying to contact, without going to the spam filter. I created more targeted messaging because I knew the person would actually receive my email."

Erin Boetzer
Account Development Representative @

"I was very happy to know Gated would help my chances of targeting a SPECIFIC person - it was a highly personalized pitch!"

Meg Bumpers
Business Development Representative @

"At first, I was livid. As a former SDR, why would I want Gated to exist? Then, reality hit me. As a result, I know my reply will go up and the quality of my content will matter more. Gated means more opportunity, but also better relationships."

Evan Patterson
Head of Content & Community @

"Gated weeds out unsolicited messages and tells others about the charities I support. When senders donate to those charities, I answer their emails and we begin from a state of win-win."

Ralph Barsi
VP Global Inside Sales @

"Gated separates solicitations from sales messages that bring value. If a salesperson takes action to provide value in the customer relationship before making an ask, the salesperson is already winning the battle for attention in a busy user's inbox."

Josh Roth
Sr Director. Inside Sales @

"As a seller, I wish all my prospects had Gated. It helps filter out the auto-sequenced emails and lets the true personal touches get through. Better experience for buyers and sellers, all around."

Edan Golomb
Enterprise Account Executive @

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