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Looking for an easy way to support your favorite cause? Gated is a free solution that challenges unknown senders to donate in order to reach you. Raise dollars and awareness for a nonprofit in our database - or request your own!

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How Gated Helps 

reduction in inbox volume
distracting emails
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Read what our users are saying...

Gated has allowed me to leverage a means of communication (email) that I have genuinely hated for a long time.

James Gilbert
CMO @ RedRoute

I came for the mission and stayed for the productivity - Now I use Gated for both.

Ilan Fisher
Nonprofit Partnerships Lead @ accessiBe

Gated eliminates the noise of unwanted emails that so often would dominate my inbox.

Chris Spellman
Sr. Demand Gen Manager @ SCYTHE

Gated protects me from valueless spray-and-pray outreach, while making it easier for sales folks who put in the work to connect and create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Alex Bailey
Co-founder @ B5 Capital

As a software engineer and founder, I'm constantly hounded by recruiters and b2b marketing emails. Gated filters out the nonsense and keeps my inbox clean.

Edie Woelfle
Founder @ Keiboarder

My inbox load has radically reduced and it has helped to support a very worthy cause.

Geoffrey Smith
Founder @ Geoffrey Smith EU

I'm spending less time maintaining things and more time completing tasks that live in the emails themselves.

Brendon Ritz
Sr. Director, Marketing Ops @ ThoughtSpot

Such a simple yet powerful idea - I'll never not use Gated.

Bill Kramer
VP Marketing @ PayZen

Before using Gated I was receiving ~40-50 unwanted emails each day - and each of those was a micro-distraction that hurt my overall productivity.

Aaron Zakowski
CEO @ Zammo Digital

Gated reduced the sales emails I get every week from vendors from 25+ to 2.

Partho Ghosh
Senior Director, Product Growth @ Hootsuite

Gated has helped me reduce the number of cold emails I get while allowing me to direct them to a cause I support. Automatic email + people filtering system!

Ashwath Narayanan
CEO @ Social Currant

Gated gives me PEACE of MIND. Ahhhh email zen is fantastic!

Jonny Imerman
Founder @ Cloztalk & Imerman Angels

"Onboarding a new job for the first time at VP level felt a bit daunting, but Gated made it pleasant and easy to focus.

Daniel Wilde
VP, Revenue Ops and Enablement @ Flipdish

Gated gives me a really cool way to be open to unsolicited email without being overwhelmed by spam.

Gray Sommerville
Co-Founder @ LaunchPath.io

Gated helps me focus on what's important and makes email much more manageable.

Mark Bailey
Cofounder & CEO @ B5 Capital

I didn't truly realize how much stress my inbox was causing until I got Gated.

Zack Fediay
Founder @ AltGrowth

Before Gated my email was like the amp in Spinal Tap – cranked up to 11. Gated turned down the volume so I can focus and stay on top of what is truly important.

Jess McCarter
CSO @ base86.com

The only sales pitches in my inbox now are from people willing to put in the effort and make it worth my time.

Jack Danger Canty
VP of Engineering @ Pathstream

Gated might be the next big thing in how people communicate with each other via email.

Mykyta Samusiev
Co-Founder @ Ratio Fellows

I have the ability to filter out emails from external addresses in a simple manner.

Oscar Burns
Growth Manager @ Dolead

Gated has become a firewall for my mental health.

Travis Boudreaux
CTO @ Azra Games

Gated is helping make email more human for me again!

Johnathan Warren
Sr. Director of Revenue Operations @ Spiff

I don't know where this has been all my life, but it's really made a difference.

Nick Bonfiglio
CEO @ Syncari

I'm now genuinely a happier person every time I open my email.

Faris Sheikh
Growth Marketing Manager @ Dandy

Gated blocks 10-20 emails a day for me, helping me see through the noise and giving me back a few hours a month.

Avishay Cohen
CEO @ AnimaApp.com

Gated is a great way to manage an insane inbox - without losing control of the hidden gems.

Viveka Von Rosen
Cofounder @ Vengreso

With Gated, I now have full control over the senders and domains that are allowed into my inbox.

Kelly Javanmardi
Director of Demand Gen @ Berbix

It keeps all the clutter out of my inbox and I love that if people really want my attention, they can contribute to something great!

Adam Burns
RevOps Manager @ Timely

I like intentionally looking at all cold emails in one place, at one time, to understand which of them bring value.

Kara Cedrone
Director of GTM Operations @ Maxwell

Gated keeps my inbox cleaner and filters out marketing and sales emails that distract me.

Alvaro Torres
Head of Customer Success @ HelloGuru

Now when I open my email, it's streamlined so I can get to InboxZero faster.

Jacki Leahy
Head of RevOps @ Winning by Design

Gated has immediately reduced the amount of noise in my inbox, helping me reach the mythical 'Inbox Zero' consistently.

Kyle Lacy
Director of People Operations @ Go Nimbly

Gated really changed my email habits instantly. It was seamless to set up, and delivered impact right away.

Steve Hopkins
Chief Customer Success Officer @ Compusoft Group

I'm able to focus on what matters the most, all the while helping a cause I care about.

Romain Lapeyre
Cofounder & CEO @ Gorgias

I no longer feel consumed by my inbox.

Sara Bush
Head of RevOps @ Sonar

Instead of seeing hundreds of new emails on the daily I'm only having to parse through dozens. It's wonderful.

Ben Fuller
Director, Business Application @ OnSolve

Using Gated helps me eliminate unexpected sales outreach and raise money for charity at the same time.

Allison Loehman
VP Demand Generation @ Refine Labs

It's helped me use my inbox as a tool to stay focused and productive, which I haven't been able to do in years.

Alex MIller
Director of Revenue Operations @ Mux

Making a donation in exchange for the attention of a decision maker is a no-brainer.

Gaetano DiNardi
VP Growth @ Aura

Gated been a game-changer for my productivity in a world where everything takes place via email.

Eloi Lesegretain
Growth Lead & Senior Sales @ Culture Amp

My inbox was cut in more than half. I'm getting back to the people that are important faster. FIRE.

Jen Igartua
CEO @ Go Nimbly

Gated has helped me reclaim my inbox.

Zach Kunkel
Product Marketing Manager @ Bandwidth

Not having to delete 100 unsolicited emails every day has saved me time and removed a huge psychological burden.

Davis Bell
CEO @ Canopy

It's extremely helpful to cut our the noise from the never-ending stream of sales outreach.

Nick Robin
VP, Global Revenue Ops @ Branch

My inbox never felt so clean!

Harsha Shinde
Regional Directo @ Squareshift

After only 2 days it has changed my email habits and given me a break from the constant deluge of marketing emails.

Eric Farnham
Cofounder @ SalesOnDemand.io

I happily check my inbox now instead of avoiding it - I know each email that lands in there will be worth my time!

Breezy Beaumont
Head of Growth @ Correlated

I didn't realize how much time I was wasting every day deleting and archiving cold emails.

Taylor Smith
CEO @ Blueboard

My role is to lead, and I cannot lead with so much 'noise' in my inbox.

Jeanne Hopkins
Chief Revenue Officer @ OneScreen.ai

I can finally focus on what has the most impact during my work day.

Axel Sukianto
Marketing Director @ UpGuard

I used to get tons of marketing emails and sales pitches in my inbox everyday. Gated FINALLY solved this problem for me!

Amanda Zhu
Co-founder @ Perfect Recall

My inbox had become a free-for-all, but it really needs to be a more sacred place.

Gaby Israel Grinberg
CXO @ Proofpoint Marketing

Gated ensures I have time to get things I want done and helps ensure people who send us their business plans get the quickest response possible.

Charles Hudson
Managing Partner @ Precursor Ventures

One word. Focus. Gated is the noise-cancelling headphones of email.

Rob Wilson
Senior Engineering Manager @ Calendly

Before Gated, my inbox felt like a game of whack-a-mole. Now, the (far fewer) messages in my inbox actually matter and nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Jenn Steele
CEO @ Kissmetrics

Gated helps me remove clutter from my inbox and prioritize the emails that really matter.

Jordan Henderson
Sr. Director of Rev Ops @ Revenue.io

I recently moved into a senior leadership position and my inbox absolutely exploded. It wouldn't be possible for me to maintain 'inbox zero' without Gated.

Frank Devine
Sr. Director of Rev Ops @ HUNGRY

A win-win formula, Gated ingeniously protects my inbox from thoughtless automated marketing campaigns and creates a social impact at the same time.

Kevin Krahmer
RevOps @ Curri

As a Zero Inbox person, Gated lets my mornings start in a far more relaxed manner.

Eric Portugal Welsh
Director of RevOps @ Demostack

Gated reduces the noise in my inbox while also sharing an important veterans cause I am involved with: Catch a Lift Fund.

Jim Rallo
CFO @ Xometry

I sincerely regret procrastinating signing up. No one should raise a round without Gated.

James Winter
VP Marketing @ Spekit

"With Gated, I’m easily able to manage my own inbox so my EA can focus on higher-value projects."

Brandon Bussey
VP Revenue Operations @ Lucid

"The more deeply I can focus and think, the more value I can create for my clients. Gated helps me do that."

D.K. Smith
CEO & President @ D.K. Smith & Co.

"My email inbox used to be a HUGE mess. Gated helps me focus on the emails that actually deserve my attention. I don't have to worry about filtering through noise anymore."

Mark Huber
Head of Brand & Product Marketing @ metadata.io

"Gated has been a great tool to block out all unwanted sales emails in my inbox that have become a time-consuming problem."

Pouria Sanae
CEO @ ixlayer.com

"Gated brings a sense of calm in the digitally polluted storm we all try to sift through."

Rea Ross
Brand and Community Marketing Specialist @ BombBomb

"Gated gives me time back that I didn’t have before, parsing through emails manually. And more time goes a long way in my role."

Sutton Ryan
Digital Marketing Manager @ Propel

Gated means I only see the most important emails and don't get distracted by the rest.

Sam Senior
CEO @ Testbox

Gated saves me so much time and headache. 60% of emails, 100% of which I don't want, never make it to my inbox.

Tim Davidson
Sr. Director of Digital Marketing @ Directive Consulting

"Not only has the number of new emails I'm receiving gone way down, but I'm only seeing the most important ones."

Josh Swarm
Head of Sales Operations @ JobNimbus

"Gated has allowed me to take back control. It removes the noise of uninvited outreach from hitting my inbox."

Steven Newman
Sr. Director Revenue Operations @ Logikcull

"Gated has transformed how I think about email, especially as I support a team that uses email to reach out to new prospects."

Dan Grossberg
Director of Sales and Revenue Operations @ LeagueApps

"As someone who's always chasing Inbox Zero - Gated helps me be less distracted and stay focused on my work."

Nic Swider
Revenue Operations Manager @ Briq

"Gated has allowed me to stay focused on the tasks at hand, rather than being disrupted by unwanted emails. I love it."

Alek Koenig
CEO @ Settle

"Using Gated means I don't have random strangers showing up in my inbox alongside important business emails. Big win, much less mental and Inbox filtering."

Luke Starbuck
Revenue Architect @ Next Horizon Strategy

"I know that emails hitting my inbox are really worthy of attention. I am answering the right people, faster. I love that."

Austin Johnson
RevOps Manager @ Wavo.me

"Gated turned my inbox from a crowded General Admission ticket at Coachella to a less noisy, VIP experience."

Jeff Ignacio
Sales Operations Lead @ Amazon AWS

"Today, email is a "before Gated" and "after Gated" experience. I wish I had this 5 years ago."

Sean Wendt
Head of Revenue Operations & Enablement @ Postscript

"I no longer let unexpected emails rule my time in any way."

Rex Biberston
VP Revenue @ Sweet Fish

"Gated saved my inbox. I'm now more productive, respond to emails faster, and even have the time to read cold outreach."

Megan Boone
Director of Demand Generation @ ThoughtSpot

"It was a breeze to setup and I’ll never go back to an inbox without it."

Roy Raanani
Co-Founder @ Chorus.ai

"Gated has given me hours back in my week by removing all the noise from my inbox. I don't know how I survived without it until now."

Ben Lewinsky
Sales Operations Lead @ Culture Amp

"I had declared email bankruptcy. Gated dramatically reduced inbound email volume to the most important messages and allowed me to love my inbox again."

JD Peterson
CMO @ Gatsby

"Gated has made a huge impact on my productivity! I save countless hours that I used to spend sifting through unwanted emails."

Kris Rudeegraap
CEO @ Sendoso

"I was amazed how Gated methodically learned from my email work habits. Game changer!"

Aaron Leeder
VP Partnerships & Alliances @ Pavilion

“After years of unsubscribing from emails, Gated has allowed me to finally take control of my inbox. After a few days of managing my inbox with Gated, I never want to go back.”

Dan Ahmadi
VP of Intl Growth & Demand Gen @ Branch

“The amount of noise decreased from my inbox is almost literally life changing.”

Tanner Lacey
Co-founder @ Spiff
Travis Boudreaux
Travis Boudreaux
CTO @ Azra Games
Wounded Warrior Project
"One of the biggest challenges I've had over the last 5 years is a consistent increase in inbound drip campaigns from technical sales teams. Gated has become a firewall for my mental health."
Geoffrey Smith
Geoffrey Smith
Founder @ Geoffrey Smith EU
Doctors Without Borders
"My inbox load has radically reduced and it has helped to support a very worthy cause."
Kyle Lacy
Kyle Lacy
Director of People Operations @ Go Nimbly
Feed the Children
"Gated has immediately reduced the amount of noise in my inbox, helping me reach the mythical 'Inbox Zero' consistently. And on top of that, I've still been able to build connections with new folks and help a cause I care about."

Gated makes it easy
to uplevel your inbox.

It’s simple.


Gated is 100% free for users and there's nothing to download.  It only takes a few minutes to get Gated up and running seamlessly in your Google Workspace or Gmail inbox.

It’s smart.


Gated learns and improves every time you use your email. People you know can reach you at any time. And when you send a message to someone new, Gated automatically adds that person to your allowed sender list. Simply drag and drop emails to teach Gated who you want to hear from - or not.

It’s powerful.


Your inbox will be dramatically less cluttered, allowing you to see the messages that matter most.  Plus, you’re raising funds and awareness for a cause that matters to you.