Take back control of your inbox by protecting it from unsolicited emails.

How much time do you spend sifting through a zillion emails looking for something worthy of your attention? Gated ensures every email that hits your inbox is relevant.

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Unknown senders donate to a charity of your choice to reach your inbox.

Gated isn’t an AI tool filtering incoming emails. Unknown senders will have to do some good in the world before gaining access to you.

The average email user gets

1,368 messages every month.

An example inbox, with lots of emails cluttering it up.

But with Gated...

An example inbox with Gated, with 40% less email in the inbox on average. blue circle showing statistic: 43% less email in your inbox, on average
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Less unwanted email means
you’re free to be more...

Headshot of Gated user Alek Koenig
Alek Koenig
CEO @ Settle
Logo for the America Red Cross
"I get a lot of emails each day, and Gated has allowed me to stay focused on the tasks at hand rather than being disrupted by unwanted emails. I love it."
Headshot of Gated Advisor Kris Rudeegraap
Kris Rudeegraap
CEO @ Sendoso
"Gated has made a huge impact on my productivity! I can now focus on important emails in my inbox and save countless hours that I used to spend sifting through spam and unwanted emails. Gated is a must have tool!"
Headshot of Gated user Megan Boone
Megan Boone
Director of Demand Generation @Thought Spot
The Nature Conservancy logo.
"Gated saved my inbox. It felt like a never ending stream of emails, regardless of relevance. I'm now more productive, respond to emails faster, and even have the time to read a lot of that cold outreach. Everyone needs Gated.”
Headshot of Gated user Jeff Ignacio
Jeff Ignacio
Sales Operations Lead @ Amazon AWS
"Gated turned my inbox from a crowded General Admission ticket at Coachella to a less noisy, VIP experience. The emails hitting my inbox are the ones I'm actually going to read and respond to."
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ASO: Protocol

Our inboxes became Open-House events, allowing anyone to stop by demanding our attention.

Anyone can stop by your inbox and steal away your time. Take control of your inbox, so you don't miss essential emails lost in spam, over-filtering, or oversaturation of unwanted mail.

Stop missing great opportunities because you didn't have the time to read every email.

Don't let opportunities slip into the black hole of your email inbox. Gated puts real human intentions to the test. Find out what it's really worth for a stranger to reach your inbox.

Do you genuinely enjoy logging into your email account?

Remember the days of "You've got Mail!"? Once upon a time, getting an email was exciting, and now it feels like a burden. Gated is bringing back the thrill of receiving emails.

Still have questions?

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If it's free... How does Gated make money?
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We don't sell your data like Facebook... because we have a real revenue model. 30% of sender donations go to support Gated as a free service - for everyone.
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Does it cost more to use Gated on multiple email accounts? 
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Nope! You can connect Gated to as many (Google-based) email accounts as you would like, after signing up.
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More questions?  
See our FAQ for answers.

Meet a few of the nonprofits supported
by Gated users

"This was love at first sight! This might be the next big thing in how people communicate with each other via email."

Mykyta Samusiev
CEO @ Yell Cut

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A clean inbox - The best part? It’s free!

Gated is supported by sender donations. When you use Gated, you’re helping make email better  - for everyone.