You’ve got important things to do.

Every Gated user is unique.  We'll reduce distracting emails, so you can focus on what matters to you and your business.

Read what Gated users are saying

JD Peterson
JD Peterson
CMO @ Gatsby
Cozy Coats for Kids
"With Slack for internal comms and the overwhelming amount of inbound email, I had declared email bankruptcy. Gated dramatically reduced inbound email volume to the most important messages and allowed me to love my inbox again."
of new emails diverted from inbox
Rex Biberston
Rex Biberston
Director, Sales and Marketing @ Opensense
Big Brothers Big Sisters
"Gated has given me what all the smarts of Gmail tabs never could - the ability to sort incoming emails by expected vs. unexpected. I no longer let unexpected emails rule my time in any way. I tell them when I'll consider them. That feels empowering and it's given me the mental space to do more in my everyday work."
emails diverted from inbox
Nic Swider
Nic Swider
Revenue Operations Manager @ Briq
Wounded Warrior Project
"As someone who's always chasing Inbox Zero - Gated helps me be less distracted throughout the day and stay focused on my work instead of archiving boring cold emails. As an ex-SDR, I really value quality outreach and it's pretty immediately clear who is and isn't paying attention to the emails they send as soon as Gated is in place."
of distractions removed from inbox

Your attention is

Gated removes an average of 300 distracting emails every week from a user’s inbox.

And the emails from unknown senders that get through? Those benefit the 50+ nonprofits that Gated users choose to support.

Frequently asked questions

How does Gated determine which emails reach my inbox?
We route emails to your inbox that  come from individual addresses or domains on your list of allowed senders OR from unknown senders who make a donation.
Is Gated really free for users?
Totally! Gated is free for all users. Our operations are supported by a portion of the payments made by unknown senders.
Which causes does Gated benefit?
You can select any charitable organization that is meaningful to you - or pick one from of a list of recommendations.
Still have questions? See our FAQ.